Painting Supplies

We Have You Covered

In addition to a variety of highly durable industrial paints and coatings, Adams Paint Company carries a broad array of painting supplies. We stock on top-of-the-line brand names such as Norton, Tyvek, 3M, and Zynolyte  to match your painting project at a professional level. Whether you’re in need of brushes and rollers or safety gear, we have your supplies needs covered.

Painting Supplies

Brushes & Rollers

Norton Abrasive Products

Black Magic Coal Slag Abrasive

Aluminum Oxide Abrasives

Thunderblast Sandblast Hose

Conventional and Airless Paint Hose

Blasting Helmets

RPB Nova abrasive blasting helmets.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE including full and half face respirators  and Tyvek protective clothing.

Other Supplies

Tape, masking paper, and other necessary items.