265Z HAPS Free Universal Primer

Product Overview

APCO 265Z HAPS Free Universal Primer is a high solids, fast drying, non-lifting universal alkyd primer. Provides tight barrier protection to properly prepared steel surfaces. Formulated with exempt solvents to ensure compliance with strict air quality regulations. Can be used under high performance topcoats containing hot keytone solvents. Can also be used as a barrier coat over conventional coatings that would normally be attacked by stronger solvents.

Product Features

  • HAPS free
  • High solids
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No critical recoat window
  • Non-lifting

Solids Content: 55% by Volume

Theoretical Coverage: 874 mil ft2, 291 ft2 @ 3 mil DFT. (Allow for loss during mixing and application.)

VOC Value: 2.99 lbs/gal per EPA Method 24. (VOC value is an average and may differ depending on color. For specific value refer to SDS sheet.)

Color: Multiple grays and red oxide

Product Details

To view full product details, substrate and surface preparation, application equipment, mixing and thinning, and application, click on the button below to download the product data sheet.

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